San Francisco Bay Area

People who are looking for hikes in San Francisco are a lucky bunch. The San Francisco Bay Area is — arguably — one of the most beautiful geographic areas in the entire United States. A region of constant geological conflict puts the forces of erosion, weather, and tectonic action to stunning work. This creates sweeping vistas, towering mountains and hills, and huge bodies of water that draws millions of people to live and work here. And to enjoy some wonderful hiking trails, too!

Soak in the coastal fog and watch the Golden Gate Bridge appear amidst the clouds. Get in touch with the history of the Presidio and enjoy innovative art without having to leave city limits.  Or check out some redwood trees or even a waterfall cascading directly into the Pacific Ocean. Heck, you can even just chill out in one of the city’s many beautiful parks!

Enjoy the dense redwood groves of Muir Grove or the beloved rolling hills of the East Bay and jagged Pacific Coast. You can enjoy forests, meadows, waterfalls, challenging inclines, and no shortage of jaw-dropping vistas on these best hikes in the San Francisco area. So don’t forget to pack your hiking boots when you’re heading out on your next trip here … and of course, your best drizzle gear!