nullIf you’ve wanted to view Yosemite National Park in all its wintry splendor, but aren’t quite ready to snowcamp yet, the park is offering reduced rates at its Valley lodgings right now on selected dates through the end of March.

The Ahwahnee Lodge rates are as low as $199 a night, while the Yosemite Lodge at Yosemite Falls will run you $69 and heated tents in Curry Village will cost $49. There are unheated tents at Curry for $39, too, if you want to go that route.

Of course, none of these lodgings are as rewarding or peaceful as actually camping on the ground in Yosemite, but if you’re looking for a nice introduction to snowshoeing with the ability to return home to a modicum of creature comforts, this could be a good way to explore. Many of the rates are on weekdays, but you can also get some cheap rates on weekends if you look.

Visit the Yosemite Lodging web site and use booking code HOTDATES to see your options.

Image by Jono.

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