I had a little extra time today, so I took care of some items on the site to-do list that had been long neglected:

1. Cleaned up the sidebar. There was an irritating ad that was stretching out the page width unnecessarily. Now it’s gone.

2. Every single hike write-up I’ve ever written now includes a “Map It” link in the description. This will automatically send you to the marker on a larger version of the Modern Trail Map, where you can see other nearby hikes and get driving directions to the trailhead.

3. A new, “L.A. Hiking” page! If you’re new to hiking in Los Angeles, or just want to get a better idea for where these hikes are, be sure to check this page out. It separates L.A. hiking trails into distinct regions, describes them, tells you what cities are nearby, AND gives you my personal favorite hikes in each zone. This page will grow and change as I keep getting out on to the trail — especially in the San Bernardinos.

I hope these changes help you navigate the site more easily, and allow you to find the best hikes in Los Angeles. As always, feedback is welcome — if something is confusing or not as easy as you’d like it to be, drop me a line.