I am proud to announce the beginning of full-on Google Earth support for the hikes I’ve done for this site. Or, more accurately, the ones I’ve done since I bought my GPS device.

Now, at each hike write-up, you’ll be able to download a tiny Google Earth file, which will let you do 3-D fly-throughs, add your own waypoints and markers, see distances and elevations, and find highly-accurate directions to the trailhead.

I’ll be adding a small thumbnail picture to every enabled hike, so you’ll be able to easily access this information. If you’d prefer a clean .GPX file, simply click through the EveryTrail Google Satellite map to download one.

If you don’t have Google Earth, just click on the Google Pack link on the sidebar and snag it. It’s 100% free, and a beautiful and powerful program by any means.

Wow, technology is great, isn’t it? Google Earth Hiking.

For ease, here are the three GPS-enabled hikes I’ve got ready to roll. From now on, these files will be on the individual hikes’ posts.


Mishe Mokwa Trail to Sandstone Peak and Tri-Peaks

Icehouse Canyon Trail to Timber Mountain

Matilija Creek


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