A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining the co-hosts of the very entertaining podcast Hella In Your Thirties for a hike (during the solar eclipse, do less!). 

The podcast is hosted by married couple Nick Casalini and Muriel Montgomery as they make their way through their 30s, exploring and trying new things. When they reached out to me and said they were into hiking and relatively new to the Los Angeles area, I wanted to challenge them a bit but also provide a landscape they hadn’t spent much time hiking in before — so we headed up to Millard Canyon and tackled the recently renovated Dawn Mine Trail

Over the course of the hour-ish podcast, I chat about some of the local history of the San Gabriel Mountains and its mining operations, how I got started hiking and how hiking changed my life and inspired me to start Modern Hiker. We also talk about some of the physical and mental benefits of spending time outside, dig a little into the ongoing National Monument “review” (during which I confuse the Cadiz water project with a different, silly plan to pump water in the desert near Joshua Tree. Sorry!) 

We also talk about some of my more embarrassing hiking moments and even spot some wildlife along the way.

If we haven’t yet had the chance to hike together, this ought to tide you over until we can hit the trail and I can talk your ear off in person.

Stream or download the episode on the Hella In Your Thirties web site or download on iTunes.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Modern Hiker, Author of "Day Hiking Los Angeles," Walking Meditator, Native Plant Enthusiast.

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Meelad Sep 16, 2017 17:09

I love podcasts and can't wait to here this!

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