Strawberry Peak was one of my all-time favorite trails in the San Gabriels – it had everything: a beautiful early trail, a crazy-challenging peak ascent that always scared the crap out of me, and a gentle return loop trail through gorgeous meadows and tall pine trees.

Strawberry Peak Take 2 037

Unfortunately, 2009’s Station Fire wreaked havoc on the area, and the Strawberry Peak trails have been closed ever since (although that hasn’t stopped people from trying them anyway, then needing rescue team assistance). However, groups of dedicated volunteers have been hard at work trying to repair the area, and this Saturday you can get your hands dirty and help them speed up the recovery process.

The Sierra Club’s San Gabriels Trail Crew is holding their seventh trail restoration event all day on Saturday, February 9th. They’ll give you the tools and instructions needed to help restore the trail and repair damage caused by erosion. All you need is a willingness to work, boots, long-sleeved pants and a long-sleeved shirt (all mandatory). You should also bring a daypack with lunch and plenty of water, as you’ll be doing about 5 miles of hiking with your trail-work, too.

To RSVP, additional details, and the exact location of the meeting, contact event leaders DON BREMNER ([email protected]) or MISHA ASKREN ([email protected]).

You don’t have to be a Sierra Club member to chip in, although everyone will have to sign a liability waiver.

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