In the recent posting about today’s Grand Re-Opening of parts of the Angeles National Forest, a few helpful readers posted additional information that is definitely worth repeating in a full post.

Charlie from the Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association posted a comprehensive list of the specific trails that have re-opened, as well as the trails which remain closed until further notice.

As a reminder, I will also save the most updated fire closure information on a dedicated page here on Modern Hiker as well, along with a rough Google Map of the closure area just in case the USFS version ever comes offline.

Brown Mountain (to the saddle)
El Prieto
Gabrielino (JPL to Paul Little)
Gabrielino (Switzers to Redbox to Chantry)
Bear Canyon Trail
Sam Merrill Trail
Castle Canyon Trail
Sunset Ridge Trail
Mt. Lowe West Trail
Idlehour Trail
Kenyon Devore Trail
Rim Trail
Sturtevant Trail
Santa Clara Divide Truck Trail (Dillon Divide to Mt. Gleason to Three Points)
Chilao Loop/Mt. Hillyer
Vetter Mountain (road access only)
Silver Mocassin (a section near Charlton Flats has been re-routed to the road)
Shortcut Canyon
Valley Forge
Mt. Lukens road (once the highway opens)
Earl Canyon
Haines Canyon
Doc Larsen
Everything east of Chilao

Strawberry Peak,
Tom Sloan
Dawn Mine
Upper Brown Mountain (Saddle to the Summit/Ken Burton)
Ken Burton
Gabrielino from Switzers to Paul Little
Grizzly Flat
Stone Canyon
Condor Peak Trail
Trail Canyon
Alder Creek
Colby Canyon
Mueller Tunnel

Andrew Fish, Non-Motorized Trail Program Manager of the Angeles National Forest, also had some further clarifications:

-The Santa Clara Divide Road (3N17) is open only to non-motorized traffic.

-The Angeles received money from the Federal Highway Administration to repair the Mueller Tunnel. Hopefully, it will be open by the end of the year. No promises, though.

-Switzers remains closed because the contractor rebuilding it is putting in the finishing touches and then the Forest Service will have to accept it from him. Last I heard, it will open this summer, though. Once again, no promises.

-The Pacific Crest Trail through the burn area is open with one exception- the stretch between Mill Creek Summit and Mt. Pacifico Road.

You should also pay attention to what the message above says about the conditions of the trails. Many have been substantially altered by the Station Fire. Throughout the forest on the trails that are re-opening you’ll see bright yellow signs posted at the beginning that warn you of the potential issues that may encounter in a burn area. Take the time to read them and even more importantly, pay attention to them.

If you want more information or want to learn more before you go, I recommend that you call the Los Angeles River Ranger District office- 818 899 1900.

Andrew also mentioned that volunteer reconstruction efforts will continue throughout the summer on many of these newly-opened areas. I will try to make sure I get the word out about as many as I can and hope to attend a few this summer as well. If you can lend a helping hand, please do!

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