Treehugger and Seventh Generation have been running an online video contest called “Convenient Truths.”

Participants were asked to create original 2 minute movies aimed at inspiring, raising awareness, or showing how us Average Joes can make a difference in the climate crisis. The videos are up and waiting to voted on by us, the environmentally-leaning internet audience.

I’ve been scanning the site for a little while now, and the entries run the gamut from MySpace-quality video blogs to documentary teasers to surprisingly effective public relations pieces.

Many of the entries are, unfortunately, aimed at the sort of people who are probably already doing everything they can to reduce their carbon footprint. It’s great to see people converting their cars to biodiesel or installing composting toilets in their yards, but the biggest change is probably going to be from masses of people making small changes in their habits. That’s why these two videos, encouraging the switch to CFL bulbs and biking to work, are probably my favorites of the nearly 100 candidates:

I also really, really like this one. But that’s mainly because I have a not so secret love affair with the Prelinger Archives:

Disagree? Go vote, why don’tcha?