nullLast week, I finally bit the bullet and started biking to work.

It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but kept away from because of those same tired-and-tested excuses we’ve all heard — roads in L.A. are too dangerous. All the bikers I know have gotten in accidents. Bikes are expensive to buy. Bikes get stolen all the time, etc. etc.

But when a friend donated his old bike to me, I really couldn’t argue any more.

So far, the experience has been great. Starting my day every morning with constant breezes of cool, fresh air (at least for L.A.), buzzing past cars stuck in long lines and enjoying the sun on my face is better than any venti caffucino-whatever could ever provide.

Not that I needed it, but the world seems to be aligning itself to affirm my decision.

I stumbled upon New Belgium‘s Team Wonderbike, which is asking folks to bike to work 2 days a month for the next year to reduce CO2 output. (Come on, you can do that!)

Last week, gas prices hit an all-time national average high, and are expected to rise another 20 to 30 cents this summer.

But the kicker? This week, the Vatican added polluting to its Official List of Sins.

I knew there was a reason I was feeling guilty about driving!

Image by ibcbulk.

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