… and no, it’s not me. Sadly, biking to work on L.A. streets with an old-school thermos full of micro-roast coffee doesn’t count for badassery points, even though it totally should. Even if it did, though, I’d pale in comparison to Oregon’s 90-year old Carrol Dubuar.

Dubuar is a retired Forest Service employee who hikes weekly with a group of over-70 hikers called the Hotliners. On his last hike, he slipped and took a face-first fall down a 60-foot ravine near the Columbia River Gorge, breaking all sorts of bones and temporarily knocking himself out. He’s currently recovering well in a hospital, but made sure to tell reporters, “If I get back on my feet I plan to hike some more.”

Even though his family has threatened to take away his walking stick and make him wear pads and a helmet on his hikes, Carrol won’t have any of it. Why? As he put it, “I like to be outdoors.”

Think about that the next time you think you’re too sore to bag that next peak or you’re afraid you’ll sweat too much because it’s 85 and sunny.

via Backbacker.

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