Over the weekend, I climbed Mount Hillyer – my 25th peak over 5000 feet – and now qualify for membership in the Sierra Club’s Hundred Peaks Chapter! That’s one New Year’s Resolution down, several more to go.

But as it’s a big number, I thought I’d take a peek at how I’m doing so far this year. Also, GPS programs make it easy and fun to keep track of all sorts of fun numbers. So here’s the first half of 2007:

Hikes done: 19
Total Mileage: 168.15 miles – 72.23 uphill, 78.07 downhill, 14.96 level
Total Ascent: 66,805 feet
Time Spent Hiking: 5 days, 12 hours, 28 minutes.

To put that in perspective, for the entire year of 2006, I hiked 234 miles with just under 47,000 feet of incline. So I could be doing better, but I’m definitely going to destroy last year’s numbers.


Here’s to another six months of high-quality hiking time!