A few weeks ago, Winter Warlock emailed me to say he’d be away from his snow-covered Adirondacks en route to a wedding in Japan. He had a little bit of a layover here in the L.A. area, and wanted to know if I could recommend any dusty Western peaks that would take care of his hiking fix until he got back home.

I recommended the “hike that got me hiking” — the Mishe Mokwa Trail to Sandstone Peak — still after all this years one of my favorite trails in L.A.

The Warlock just posted a great write-up of the trail, which he seemed to dig quite a bit — especially our Western penchant for just naming things what they look like. Check it out, then try to get out to Sandstone and see for yourself! Or, if it’s too hot for you to explore here, poke around the Warlock’s site for some great snowy mountain shots that are guaranteed to cool you down. Even if it’s just mentally.

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