sedonawestfork31With the rising temperatures comes a new wave of seasonal gear – it’s almost time to pack away all that long sleeve merino and start dusting off all your lightweight shorter-sleeved items for the long SoCal Summer. If you want the chance to get your hands on some of Columbia’s Omni-Freeze ZERO gear, you’re in luck.

Starting tomorrow, Columbia is giving away one shirt every day for free on its new Omni-Freeze ZERO web site. Entering also gets you the chance to win some other awesome stuff, like a GoPro Hero 3 camera (!), $1000 Columbia giftcard (!!), and $2000 toward your travel weekend (!!!).

In case you missed or don’t remember, I got to test a bunch of Omni-Freeze ZERO gear last summer in Arizona and the stuff is the real deal. When it gets wet – either from sweat or water – the temperature of the garment actually drops to keep you cool. Since I tested out the prototypes, it looks like they’ve put the fabric into new types of shirts and baselayers, an updated, more rugged version of the Power Drain shoe, hats, and underwear (! again).

If you’re on a budget, I’d consider springing for the Neck Gaiter, which I think pretty much everyone on the Arizona trip instantly fell in love with.

Columbia is also driving a modified ice cream truck around the country to demonstrate this new line, and they’ll be in the L.A. area in early June.

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