Win a NYNE Mini Bluetooth Speaker

We recently posted our review of the NYNE Mini bluetooth speaker and talked about how much we liked it for those outdoor adventures when you could use a little light background music. The folks at NYNE were nice enough to send us two – but we don’t need both so we decided to share the spoils with you!

Since we’re talking about speakers here, I wanted to make this a music-based contest.

Below, I’ve embedded a Spotify playlist of a mix I made when my friends and I were driving up north to tackle Mount Whitney. It was super early and I wanted something to get everyone excited, so it’s a mix of power chords and guitar riffs and vocal harmonies that somehow managed to time out really well with all the different terrains we drove through.

So … I want you to share your favorite outdoor related playlist with us. It can be the music you listen to while you’re making your pre-dawn breakfast before hitting the trail, a mix to help you get up a tough incline, or some songs you chill out with inside your sleeping bag. Share your playlist and what you use it for down in our comments section – just go to your Spotify account, right click on the playlist you want to share, and choose “Copy HTTP Link.”

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.44.53 AM

You can then copy that link directly into the comments below. I’ll listen to them while I’m working on the site next week and my favorite playlist and intro will win a speaker! (Just make sure you’re using a good email address for your login so I can get in touch). Get your playlists submitted by 5PM Pacific Time on Thursday, July 31st and I’ll announce the winner on August 1st.

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