Win 5000 bucks to Adventure with your Dog

Let’s face it – just about everything is more fun if you’ve got a dog with you. Hiking, camping, trail-running, backpacking, and even driving to the trailhead are all dramatically improved with the addition of a canine buddy or two. (Caveat: if your dog gets nervous in cars like the Modern Hiker Pitbull, the drive is sometimes the opposite of fun.)

Dog gear company Kurgo knows this – and they want to help you get your four-legged buddy out in the wild. They’re looking for four outdoorsy¬†dogs (and their people) to go on their dream adventure¬†– and they’ll give them up to $250 in Kurgo products along with a $5,000 sponsorship to turn that travel wish list into reality!


All you have to do is fill out an application by April 15th, describing yourself, your dog, and the adventure you’d like to tackle together (if you’re in the mood to make a video, they’ll take that, too). Kurgo will choose the ten finalists by April 17th and then the four winners will be chosen by voting. You’ll have to write or blog about your adventures and be available for interviews and stuff but that basically just means you and your dog are hiking celebrities, which is pretty dang cool.

Right now, there are ten contestants – and their adventures range from hiking the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails to writing a dog-friendly hiking guidebook for New England and camping in all of the Lower 48 states.


So get your puppy ready, tackle some dog-friendly trails, take some photos, and get your submissions in! If a Modern Hiker fan makes the finalists, we’ll be sure to help cheer you on!

Even better, Kurgo is sponsoring a Modern Hiker Photo Friday and will be giving each of our four winners on March 6th a free Kurgo dog backpack, depending on the size of the dog. You’ve got a few weeks for that one, so start tagging your outdoorsy dog photos with #modernhiker and we’ll keep track for the 6th.


Kurgo is providing Modern Hiker with compensation and furnishing prizes for a contest. They are not exercising creative or editorial control over any content on Modern Hiker or choosing the winners of the Photo Friday on March 6th, 2015.

Images courtesy of Kurgo.

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