I’m falling a bit behind on my hike write ups, but it’s only just because there’s too much great hiking out there that needs to get done!

I spent this Sunday afternoon on at Charmlee Wilderness Park in Malibu. Despite the blustery winds and chilly temperatures, those coastal bluffs were coated with thick coats of grass and brilliant splashes of wildflower colors. This must be the SoCal equivalent of the New England leaf-peeping I grew up with!

Anyway, a full on write up is coming. I’d never been to the park, but even though it’s a small one it’s definitely worth visiting — especially right now. Here are some wildflower pics to whet your appetite while I work through my hike backlog …




… and of course, I’m not the only one who’s made it outside to see the colors. Randy from Waypoints has an absolutely stunning Flickr set of photos from a recent trip to Pinnacles National Monument, and the Calipidder hit up the Merced Valley for some California Poppies.

Definitely make sure to stop by the California Blog for a breathtaking photoessay on the CA-166 from Cajon Pass to Tejon Pass, just on the other side of the San Gabriels. Looks like those poppies are starting to make quite an impression on the landscape.

Any readers see any great blooms locally yet?

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