null We are closing in on the one year anniversary of the start of California’s devastating 2007 wildfire season — a time of scorching that lasted well into early November and basically closed down all the hiking areas around L.A. for several weeks.

Gallery drkrm in Glissell Park will open an exhibition of photographs taken immediately after the Griffith Park Fire. While most of the news stories of the time focused on the fires’ effect on people and their property, “Aftermath: The Griffith Park Fire” will focus on how the inferno affected the wildlife and landscape.

From the few teaser images released on the exhibition’s web site, the photographs look stark, moving, and fairly depressing if you’re anything of an animal lover. But the press release does promise a dose of hope and regrowth in the gallery as well. So you don’t leave in a total downer.

The exhibition runs from May 3rd to the 18th at drkrm.
2121 San Fernando Road :: Suite 3 :: Los Angeles, CA 90065

Image by Mercy, Mercy Me
via CurbedLA

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