Not of the trail-tearing ORV kind, but of the wheelchair variety.

Tom from Two-Heel Drive announced the new web-centric home of Mr. Bob Coomber, aka 4WheelBob, who was just inducted into the California Outdoors Hall of Fame.

Now, I’m not sure what, exactly the California Outdoors Hall of Fame is but I know the following:

1. I’m glad we have one.
2. If anyone deserves to be in it, it’s a guy who had to fight his way through rangers to get to the wilderness, then went and got himself a Gubernatorial Apology and statewide Right to Pass certificate.

There’s not a whole lot on the site yet – but Bob’s got one hell of an interesting tale to tell, so I’m hoping he’ll get some original writing up there soon. Until then, you can acquaint yourself with Bob via this Backpacker article from last year, which is where I first heard of him.

Think about Bob next time you’re bellyaching about blisters or trudging the last mile to your summit.

Then keep going.

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