A new study by the University of Arizona found a direct correlation between historical periods of warmer waters in the Atlantic and more destructive Western wildfires.

And wouldn’t you know it? Current East Coast water temps suggest more multiple fires for us Westerners, on the scale of those in 2002 and 2006.

Besides the tremendous property damage, air pollution, and loss of life, there’s the whole trail-closings aspect to deal with. There’s a huge chunk in the middle of the Angeles National Forest still closed from the 2002 Curve Fire and subsequent rainstorms, and this year’s Day Fire had its way with the Sespe Wilderness.

Of course, these fires are necessary for the ecosystems, but with all the year-end well-wishing going on, it might not hurt to sneak in a toast to a non-disastrous 2007 fire season, too.

Hey, it couldn’t hurt…