yummie christmas cookiesI hope you’re having a lovely holiday this weekend, and you’re stuffing yourself with delicious baked goods you’d normally shun the rest of the year. If you’re doing that in a tent somewhere in the woods, even better!

If you want to work off those Christmas cookies or latkes or whatever else you’re munching on, you’ll be happy to know that Dan Koeppel will be leading a Big Parade march on December 26th. Known as the Boxing Day Epic, this route will start in Pasadena at the Gold Line Fillmore Station and wind its way through the Arroyo Seco crossing tunnels, bridges, dirt paths and other fun stuff until it ends at the Lincoln Heights Gold Line station around 4:30PM.

There is no route map yet (Dan usually makes those after the route is completed), but he has a few tips for first-time marchers: Basically, bring everything you’d need on a hike – sturdy shoes, layers, a lunch, and water. In addition, bring $1.50 fare for the Gold Line in case you want to bail early or join the group if they take the metro back to the trailhead when they’re done. Dogs are OK but strollers aren’t for most of the route, so leave the little ones at home unless they have boots of their own.

For more info and up-to-date news on any route changes, be sure to check the Big Parade’s Facebook Page or Twitter account. Have fun and Happy Holidays!

Image by Marcia Furman.

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