Starting tomorrow, visitors to the Angeles National Forest will have the chance to give the Forest Service a piece of their mind … by answering a few questions.

Every five years, each National Forest participates in the National Visitor Use Monitoring Program, and guests are asked to volunteer to participate in a 6-12 minute exit interview about how they used the National Forest facilities. The interviews are voluntary and include questions like “Where did you recreate in the Forest?” “What activities did you engage in while in the Forest,” and “How satisfied are you with the facilities and services provided?”

The surveys are anonymous and confidential, and questions will be available in English and Spanish. The survey runs through September 30th, 2011, and talkative guests (you know who you are) can feel free to answer the survey each time they use the forest.

The information you give will help provide the Forest Service with data on land use, recreation activities, and potentially how much of an economic boost the surrounding towns get from the Forest. If you’re interested, just look for the signs that say “Traffic Survey Ahead” the next time you’re on your way back home from a big hike!

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