Apparently Fujifilm got bit hard by the environmental bug when they launched Forests Forever, a multimedia tour through the world’s forests.

In an effort to raise awareness of the more sylvan areas around us, the site has incredible pictures from forests on all of the planet’s forested continents. Along with the stunning scenery, the site’s also got tons of information on each forest, along with musings from the photographers and longer essays from other treehuggers around the world.

Oh, and soothing music.

Of course, I spent a long time browsing the California section before getting called back to my Northeastern homeland forests. What can I say? I’m a New Englander. We’re suckers for foliage.

And, like all things Japanese, the site is stylish, elegant, and highly functional. It’s a nice way to get yourself back in the hiking mood if you’re stuck in an office, snowed-in, or saddled with general winter lethargy.