Valet Parking at Runyon This Weekend

KPCC reports that upstart smartphone valet service Curbstand will be offering $5 parking at the Fuller Avenue entrance of Runyon Canyon, one of the most popular hiking destinations in Los Angeles ($4 if you tag the company’s social media accounts on a post of your own). The service will be available from 9AM to 4PM on Saturday and Sunday only, and customers will get a free PowerBar when they pick up their car.

Over the past few years, parking in the streets north of Hollywood Boulevard has become increasingly difficult, due to both the trail’s popularity and a slew of new parking regulations that severely limit the places people can park and the time they can park there. A valet service is not only a great publicity stunt for Curbstand, but it may also be legitimately useful for many people who’d rather spend their time doing laps around the trail instead of laps around the block looking for a space.

It’s also why people look down their noses at L.A. and Runyon hikers.

That said, if these guys set up shop at Santa Anita Canyon‘s Chantry Flats, I would gladly pay the $5.

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