When I first started up this site, some of my more urban-environment-loving friends suggested, probably only partially jokingly, that I take a few days off to embark on hikes inside the city of Los Angeles. Decked out in hiking gear and with tongue firmly planted in cheek, I concede that it would probably be pretty funny. I might still do it someday, but I’d have to keep time for an actual hike or my system gets all thrown off balance for the week.

Lucky for me, though, there’s already someone who’s doing it. I stumbled upon Walking in LA while I was putting off doing work, and was pleasantly surprised. The unnamed site-runner takes walks through sections of the LA sprawl and accompanies them with some great pictures.

While I’d like to get a bit more writing out of it, it’s a fun site to poke around. And for those of us who can’t even stand to look at pictures of cities, there are some great road trip albums of handsome western states and some explorations of the L.A. River.