Last March, I dismissed an idea from some colleagues to do “urban hiking” — a trek through the streets of Los Angeles with my CamelBak, GPS, and camera, treated like a regular hike write-up. I thought it’d be boring and unfulfilling — and was worried someone would try to gank my GPS.

Now, it seems like someone’s taken me up on that. Kind of.

The business manager for stalwart uberblog Boing Boing has started “urban hiking” in San Francisco as a way to get exercise and networking opportunities.


Well, I guess I’d be reluctant to call it hiking — strolling, maybe — but these tours are definitely good ways to learn more about your city and keep in touch with friends and colleagues. Whenever I try to get a professional colleague on a hike, I scare them off with large-sounding distances and early starting times on the weekends.

Maybe I should look into this networking thing. Or I’ll just check Walking in L.A. every once in a while and keep going into the mountains on the weekends.

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