Lucky for the blogosphere some of us bloggers actually know people, and have the gumption and wherewithal to investigate stories.

Of course, this site knows no one and is far too lazy to investigate anything that won’t directly lead me to a mountain, but the National Parks Traveler’s got moxie.

He actually picked up the phone and did some investigating on that PEER story I talked about a few days ago. I didn’t buy the “far reaching creationist conspiracy,” and the NPT soundly debunked it. But he also found out the offending book is sold in the ‘inspirational’ section of the park’s bookstore, and is not labeled as a scientific book like the PEER release led us to believe.

It still seems like there’s something else going on here, though. Maybe an old grudge from some of the guys at PEER? I dunno. Why issue a press release that makes statements you can’t back up?

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