If you’re a night owl, insomniac, or just a SoCal resident who relishes the opportunity to dust off those warm clothes, you’ll want to head out to remote, dark place tonight to catch a glimpse of the Leonid meteor shower.

Tonight’s show is expected to start around 1AM Pacific Time, and should produce 20-30 meteors per hour over North America. Central Asia gets the good view this year, with 200-300 per hour on their side of the globe.

The best views will be anywhere away from light pollution – which can be a bit tough, depending on where you’re living in L.A. Remember, while the western Angeles National Forest is closed, it’s open east of the 39 – and north of Santa Clarita. I’ve had pretty good luck in area northeast of Santa Clarita, myself, in the past.

Image of Perseids from flickr.

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