Two Limited Edition Modern Hiker Shirts For Sale

Have you heard the news? We’ve got TWO brand new Modern Hiker shirts available. But here’s the catch: they’re only around for a LIMITED TIME.

Here’s the deal — with all the closures and outdoor and group restrictions that have been rolled out over the past few weeks, I’ve had to say goodbye to a lot of presentations, festivals, and other events where I was planning on selling some books. These events have historically been one of my main sources of income during the year.

I’ve been seeing ways that folks have been supporting their favorite local businesses by buying gift cards and ordering take out … but since nobody’s willing to pay for my tortilla soup yet (even though I think it’s pretty good), I figured now would be a good time to bring back a frequently-requested item — Modern Hiker tee shirts!

I’ve got two brand new shirts available via Bonfire right now. First, we’ve got this snazzy little stylized landscape design:

modern hiker landscape tee shirtThat little number comes in four different colors and is available in unisex sizes S through 2XL.

The second design we have right now is a double-sided shirt with the Modern Hiker logo in the front pocket position (no pocket, though), and one of my favorite book-signing signatures on the back. Is it inspiring? Is it a call for more social distancing? Yes!

Both shirts can be viewed on the Modern Hiker Bonfire Store page. The Landscape shirt will be available through March 30th, 2020, and the Go Take a Hike dual sided shirt will be available until April 2, 2020. The shirts will be printed and mailed out by Bonfire after the orders close.

I’m sort of looking at this as a little experiment. If there’s enough interest in these shirts, I may reach out to some other designers for some limited edition shirts in the future. In the meantime, snag these and help spread the good word of Modern Hiker.

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