#TryingStuff at the #OmniGames Part Five: The Beards Speak

The final challenge of the Columbia #OmniGames was the Charles Dickens Storytelling Challenge, where each team was asked to spin the best storytelling yarn about their experience in Park City. The cutoff for entries is today, January 17th, at 5PM Pacific Time. With the points available in this final challenge and #TeamBeard currently standing in 5th place, there is a chance we could be knocked out of the top five and lose our plane tickets to Petra.

After we left Park City and returned to our respective homes in Los Angeles and Seattle, Seth and I had to scramble – he and his wife had planned a six month trip to South America and were leaving just three days after we left Park City! Before he left, Seth wrote an excellent post focusing on the Fabric of the #OmniGames. After his plane took off I wrote over 7,000 words to let you experience all the excitement we did in Utah last week … but we still felt like something was missing.

Of course, we couldn’t wrap this story up without hearing from the heart and soul of #TeamBeard – the beards themselves. So without further ado …

I hope everyone enjoyed these #OmniGames tales as much as I enjoyed writing them. We should find out the results from the Charles Dickens Challenge by next week so keep your fingers crossed! Or better yet, share these stories on Facebook and let Columbia know you support #TeamBeard in the #omnigames.

Seth is already gathering support for #TeamBeard in Argentina …

The complete #TeamBeard #TryingStuff Saga is:

The Fabric of a Perfect #OmniTen Week
Part One – A Week in Two Days
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… and for more #OmniGames stories, head to fellow #OmniTen Heidi’s page, where she’s collected all of the entries from everyone on a single page. Good weekend reading!

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