The new site Peakery got a bit of attention over the weekend.

It’s basically an outdoorsy version of Foursquare – the location-based check-in app that’s all the rage among the more apt-to-share techies. Unlike Foursquare, Peakery does not have an app, so you have to manually enter in your summit information when you get home, but like Foursquare, it awards badges for completing certain lists, like tackling California’s 14’ers or hitting the highest point in all 50 states.

The site’s a bit bare bones right now, but it does do a good job of keeping track of your info for you. You can also add your own pictures and short-form write-ups, link other hikers who summited with you, and post your peakbagging exploits to Twitter and Facebook.

In addition to your own profile page, you’ll also get a nice Google Map with all your peaks marked, as well as some stats like highest peak bagged, days since you’ve bagged a peak, and others. Could be good for fellow Type A hikers and anyone else who’d just like to see a visual list of their hiking accomplishments!

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