Apparently it’s Tick Season already.

On this weekend’s hike in Tujunga, I must have flicked about two dozen of the little bloodsuckers off my pant legs. So remember, if you’re hiking through tall grass or brush, be sure to check your legs for new traveling companions often.

It helps to wear light-colored clothing, tuck your pants into your socks, and always carry a little set of tweezers and some disinfectant with you if you want to pull ’em out on the trail.

The FDA has a quick how-to-remove guide if you’re interested. I have also read that pulling the ticks out in this method, but while also slowly rotating the body will reduce the chances of the head or mouth detaching and getting stuck in your skin.

Whatever you do, just remember – don’t squeeze, pull, flick, attempt to drown, burn, or otherwise bother the little buggers, as it will increase the chances of them throwing up nastiness into your bloodstream.

Be sure to visit Rhode Island’s Tick Encounter Resource Center for more information, and some animations of the removal methods.

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