Ranger X gives us a sneak peek into what our gentle National Park Rangers talk about when no one else is around: us.

At his former stomping grounds at Zion and Sequoia, the rangers kept green logbooks of the most ‘interesting’ comments they overheard and ‘unique’ questions they were asked.

The entries are simultaneously funny, like this one from Sequoia:

Visitor: So there is really no gas up here? We saw the sign on the way to the park [that warned there was no gas] and thought it was a joke.

… and also depressing, like this entry from Zion:

Facilities and stores visitors requested adding to the new Zion visitor center complex: McDonalds, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, showers, vending machines, parking garage.

Be sure to check out the rest, and leave one if you’ve got a personal gem you’ve overheard.