After achieving his goal of hiking 100 times in 2009 and being called a Community Hero by the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Kolby Kirk of moved onto his next two part project on his new site, The Hike Guy.

The new site’s goals are threefold – first, to hike 500 miles in 2010, second, to join a search and rescue team, and third, to personally take 150 new hikers out onto the trail. So far, he’s already converted one city-dweller, and he’s accepting applications for curious hiker-hopefuls to join him one of of the many, many treks he’ll be taking to hit that 500 mile mark. I’ve hiked with him twice last year, and he’s a great hiking partner, especially for first-timers – extremely knowledgeable and patient. Drop him a line and tell him Modern Hiker sent ya!

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