The Best Resource for Fall Foliage in California

Let’s face it – a lot of people jumped the gun on fall this year.

With Halloween Candy out in stores before Labor Day even passed and Starbucks offering its Pumpkin Spiced Lattes up while we were melting in 100 degree temperatures, no amount of advertising budgeting magic could make us actually feel like it was fall out. But now that fall is officially here (thanks, Actual Calendar!), there is one web site you need to start checking every day – California Fall Color.

Much like this site, California Fall Color was started out of a desire to reframe the way people thought about California – hence their great tagline “Dude, autumn happens here, too.” I had a chance to talk with the site’s founder John Poimiroo yesterday and he’s just as passionate about getting more people outdoors as we are, which is why we’re very happy to work with them to bring you some of the best fall color hikes in California.


You’re not gonna find a better source for CA foliage, so don’t even try

The very first “GO NOW” alert of the season was just issued for Bishop Creek Canyon, so we’ll be updating the site with some fantastic trails from that region. As the excellent new Fall Foliage Map gets updated, we’ll make sure we share the updates with you along with nearby hikes to get you out and enjoying California’s fall. We’ve already got a lot of John’s favorite foliage areas mapped out on Modern Hiker, but we’ll let you know when it looks like they’re going to hit peak foliage so you can plan your weekend trips!

Also, if you spot some leaves changing in your favorite neighborhood trail, be sure to let California Fall Color know about it. The site is dependent upon foliage enthusiasts from around the state sharing what’s going on in their neck of the woods – and John could use some more eyes here in Southern California. Just let him know Modern Hiker sent ya.

California Fall Color also does a great job of sharing fall foliage photos they receive (with credit, of course) in beautiful photo round-up posts – and also has a history of helping some of those photographers get their shots into other publications, too.

The site seasonally runs until Thanksgiving – so send in your shots from the hikes we post (and fall foliage Photo Friday submissions tagged with #modernhiker, too!) and let’s help more Californians discover that we do, in fact, have seasons!