I am very excited to announce that I just received a small package filled to the brim with Summit Stones.

Early on in this small world of hike-blogging, one of the first and most dependably great sites I stumbled upon was DSD’s Summit Stones & Adventure Musings. The closest thing our little online group has to a wandering sage, DSD painstakingly handpaints outdoor scenes on stones, then leaves them at summits for other hikers to discover and interpret.

It’s a project I have always loved, but never thought I’d be a part of — as DSD’s haunts are more up in the Pacific Northwest. But now I am excited and very proud to be the SoCal Operative in this ongoing project of his. I’ll now be spreading some Summit Stones along my various routes and tracks, and hopefully inspiring other hikers to stop and enjoy their surroundings in a new way.

Keep your eye open on those San Gabriel summits. You might stumble across one of these little beauties.

Summit Stone!

Many, many thanks to DSD for looping me in on this!

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