OK, I’ll admit it – I haven’t seen any of Ken Burns’ “The National Parks” yet.

Since May, I’ve been on a “No Paid TV Experiment.” I ditched my $85 a month HD DirectTV bill for Hulu and streaming Netflix on my Xbox 360 (which, by the way, is really great). So far, I haven’t really missed my formerly giant channel lineup, but I did go out to buy some HD rabbit ears for the National Parks … only to find out that my apartment walls completely absorb the signal of every PBS station except the one that isn’t showing the series.

So I pre-ordered the Blu-Ray set and was just going to wait until they arrived later this month … but apparently Tom is in the same boat I am, and one of his readers tipped him off to PBS’ free streaming versions of the documentary.

They’re not giving you a whole lot of time to watch them – the episodes are only available until October 9th – but they’re all there in full web-video quality. If you’re not up for full episodes, the site also features clips and deleted scenes, which look like they won’t be taken down on Friday.

Pre-ordered disc sets ship today, so if you miss ’em online – or are just kind of an HD snob like me – you won’t have to wait much longer, anyway.

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