Texas-based writer and publisher Harry Helms has a personal blog detailing his travels and experiences. And luckily for us, he seems to take an intense interest in the ghost towns and lesser-known areas of the California-Nevada high desert.

His most recent post gives some directions and descriptions to an area called Steam Wells — near what he calls the “semi-ghost town of Red Mountain,” near Death Valley. With the right USGS map and directions, you can find yourself at an amazing petroglyph site — almost an entire mountain filled up with the artifacts.


Helms doesn’t want to give too much info away on the site — as it’s already been raided by more than its fair share of petroglyph looters — but he does give you the starting points if you want to try to figure out how to drive through the desert to get there on your own.

Be sure to check out his impressive posts on the various Ghost Towns and “semi-ghost towns” littering the deserts of California and Nevada. There are some great photos and some really fascinating histories around here!

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