In the “I honestly thought this was already done” file, the LAist reported that the California Assembly was to vote on a statewide public smoking ban on all state parks and beaches. The law would have made California the first state to enact such a wide-ranging smoking ban, and while it passed a vote in the Senate, it failed to pass the Assembly, falling just five votes short.


The bill would have made it illegal to smoke in any California State Beach or Park. Smoking would still be allowed in parking lots, but anyone caught smoking in park grounds would have been slapped with a $100 fine. The benefits are pretty clear – reduced secondhand smoke, reduced litter, and less of a chance for a careless smoker to spark one of those “Oh my God the whole State’s on fire again!” summers.

The Associated Press reports that the bill failed due to several supporting legislators being absent, as well as concerns the bill infringed on smokers’ rights. Supportive lawmakers say the bill isn’t dead yet, and may come back up for a vote in Monday’s session.

Let’s hope people decide to show up to work.

Image by boroda.

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