nullIf you’re like me, you’ve been thinking about picking up one of those
SPOT Emergency Beacons
. They’re more versatile, reusable, and way cheaper than other satellite beacons on the market, and have gotten rave reviews from everyone who’s tested one out.

But there’s one problem — no one’s ever had to use them in an actual emergency yet. Or at least, until now.

The fine folks at have posted a very well-written, real-life account of an emergency distress call from the slopes of Mount McKinley. It’s a great read, and highlights some of the unit’s shortcomings when needed out on the trail.

I’m still planning on buying one this year — but maybe I’ll wait a bit to see if they’re planning on doing any sort of redesigns or updates. Anyone out there have ’em? And what do you think?

via Two-Heel Drive.

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