Snowy weather can be a great boon to outdoor photographers, as our normally drab scrubland gets coated in a layer of striking pure white, often offering amazing contrasts with the pines and clear blue skies in the Angeles National Forest. But the increased sunlight and reflections can also wreak havoc with your camera’s automatic settings … not to mention the cold numbing your knob-twiddling fingers.

The National Parks Traveler has a great first-hand-account of shooting some snow scenes in Bryce Canyon, as well as some helpful tips on exposure settings and avoiding the dreaded camera-condensation that can happen when you take your rig from a warm area to a cold one.

Could be useful … even though it’s currently 80 degrees here in L.A.

Clouds over the San Gabriels

For additional snow-shooting tips, check out:

New York Institute of Photography


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