A few big outdoorsy-type sales are going on this weekend, so it might be a good time to replace those worn-out summer boots or look for some good off-season gear for next winter.

Of course, the REI Anniversary Sale ends on Sunday. Stores may be picked over by now, but the web site should be better stocked. If you’re a member, don’t forget to use that 20% off coupon to save some extra money on top of the cut prices:

If you prefer your outdoor retailer to have a more … enthusiastic sense of humor and a higher percentage of lady models in their catalog, then Moosejaw’s My Mom Knows Barry Manilow Sale might be more up your alley. If you buy an adult Moosejaw hoody and use coupon code 314, you’ll get a free $21 gift e-card back.

Of course, the best way to save money is just to go hiking with what you’ve already got … but if you’re going to buy a new tent this summer anyway, now’s a pretty good time to do it. Also, it’ll send a few backs back to this, what must surely be your favorite Los Angeles hiking blog : )

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