The California State Parks Foundation is asking you to show your support for California’s State Park system on the first weekend of Summer.

On the weekend of June 20th, they want you to visit your favorite State Park while wearing green clothes, a green ribbon, or holding a sign pledging your support for our parks – then take a picture or video of yourself and post it to their web site by June 21st. Then they’ll compile these images and videos and send them off to Sacramento, where they will hopefully convince enough legislators that closing our entire state park system is not a good idea.

Noise on this issue has been loud and surprisingly sustained so far, and although I remain skeptical at our government’s ability to get anything sensible done at this point, I have high hopes for the parks. If they do end up closing them, you can bet I’ll be first in line to volunteer to help maintain trails and keep parks in decent condition until funding returns, and I hope you will, too. Until then, though, just take a picture and send it in to let Sacramento know you care and you’re watching!


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