A while back, I ditched my DirecTV in favor of rabbit ears, Hulu, and steaming Netflix. I miss out on some of the live TV that I used to watch, but overall it’s been a pretty painless transition – made even better that I get to discover all sorts of great shows on Netflix that I missed the first time around.

One such show I recently devoured was Everest: Beyond the Limit, a pretty great documentary / reality series on Discovery that follows climbers as they attempt to tackle the world’s tallest peak. The first two seasons are streaming on Netflix and are well worth your TV time.

Then yesterday, a friend showed me comedian Eddie Pepitone‘s spot-on spoof, Runyon: Just Above Sunset.

It really is quite a narrow joke to make, but as L.A.-based hikers – many of whom have experienced first-hand the joys and terrors of Runyon Canyon – I figured you’d enjoy it as much as I did.


Now go out and get some real hiking in this weekend!

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