Yes, yes, yes. 2006 is coming to an end. We all know this, and we are all obliged to look back with a thoughtful eye. To learn from our defeats and hold high our victories, beating our chests and gloating to for all within earshot.

Fortunately for the Modern Hiker, this site is still very, very young. There’s really no point in saying, “hey, remember that time I got WordPress working?” because you could probably just scroll two or three inches down and see it for yourself.

But other than starting this site, 2006 was a fairly big year for me. It’s the year I really discovered hiking in southern California, and how much I liked it. From San Diego and Anza-Borrego to New England and Takao-san in Japan, I put a lot of miles on my boots this year. 245.41, to be approximate. 2006 was also the year I bought a GPS, so from now on they’ll be accurate.
I climbed my share of peaks, too. Eight under 5,000 and thirteen above, with a total gain of just under 47,000 feet.

I’m still stuck in a depressingly snow-less New England right now, and after I ring in the new year with a Smuttynose Imperial Stout (they don’t make beer like that in SoCal!), I’ll be lacing up, stretching out, and hitting the California trails again. This year, I’m going further, higher, and longer … and I hope you’ll come with me.

At least, metaphorically, here on the site. I don’t want those trails getting too crowded.

TO DO 2007:

  • Qualify for listing on the Sierra Club Hundred Peaks Chapter
  • Backpack more
  • Learn to rock-climb properly
  • Volunteer
  • Climb San Gorgonio and San Jacinto Peaks
  • Return to Yosemite
  • Add Channel Islands, Lassen, and/or Arches and Bryce to the National Parks checklist
  • Continue tweaking the site and fooling around with Google Maps
  • Update and re-post all my old trails

And now that that’s all up on the Internets, I’ll be more inclined to actually get that stuff done.
Now to crack open that stout and pray for good flyin’ weather. See ya in ’07!