Repreve Turns Plastic Into Outdoor Goods

Plastic had it good for a while, but now it’s starting to catch up with the planet. Plastic items never decompose from landfills, trash and litter are choking ecosystems and ruining landscapes, and now there are islands of floating trash traveling around the ocean.

Thankfully, a company called Unifi is pioneering ways to recycle post-consumer plastic into REPREVE fiber via a proprietary process, then they source that fiber to companies so they can create new products and keep plastic out of landfills (or oceans!). If you pick up a tee shirt with the Repreve fibers, you’ve taken five plastic bottles out of the garbage cycle. And if you’re driving a car with a seat with the fabric, you’re sitting on what used to be 42 plastic bottles! Since its founding, Repreve has recycled the equivalent of 5 billion plastic bottles into all types of goods, including some solid gear for the outdoors.

For colder weather (or early mornings and high altitude camps), Repreve can be found in Kathmandu’s Ridge Fleece Pullover v3, which makes for a lightweight and toasty addition to your gear pack. It also happens to be made from 85% Repreve recycled fiber. 

While you’re at camp, that recycled plastic can help provide you a place to chill out or take a well-earned nap, too. Thirty plastic bottles can be turned into a Yukon Outfitters SomniSmart lightweight hammock that’ll make you the envy of your campmates.

And even if you’re just jogging in town (or maybe lounging in that same gear), prAna’s Annexi Pants are 87% recycled plastic but you’d never know it by wearing ’em. The lightweight moisture-wicking joggers will keep you comfy on a solid trail run … or as comfy as you can be while jogging!

Repreve fibers can be found in a ton of outdoor products, so the next time you’re shopping for something for your gear closet, look for the Repreve logo and help keep plastic out of landfills, too!

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