Re-Visit the Griffith Park Teahouse

Did you miss a chance to visit the (in)famous Griffith Park Teahouse on Taco Peak this summer? Now, with the help of virtual reality, you can visit again and again, any time you’d like.

The beautiful but illegally constructed teahouse was clandestinely put up overnight in late June, 2015, becoming – quite literally – an overnight sensation. Modern Hiker was the first site to provide detailed hiking directions to the teahouse and because it seemed like it wasn’t going to be long for this world, we encouraged everyone who wanted to see it in person to do so ASAP.

Some of the people who visited had the foresight to haul in some equipment to record the experience as virtual reality, and now Modern Hiker is happy to be the first to share this incredibly unique project from Beard and Glasses VR.

This virtual reality recording can be experienced right here on your computer, with Google Cardboard, or via your smartphone’s YouTube App, where you can move your phone around to navigate the space. The creators highly recommend using headphones to get the full experience.

The direct link to the VR experience is here.

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