The LAist managed to snag a shot of low-elevation snow from yesterday’s storm, which had snow levels dropping to about 3,500 feet and had me donning a winter hat after walking home from work today. And that may not be all.

The LA Times says another winter storm is headed for the LA Mountains later this week and into this weekend, which should mean colder temperatures, wind, rain and snow in our hills and mountains — has it raining and and off from Thursday through Wednesday, with the highest chance of precipitation on Sunday.

It all sucks for us hikers looking for clear mountain vistas, but it’s great for our snowpack, which is still only at 55% of what it usually is for this time of year. And hey, you can still dust off that old rainshell or those crampons and snowshoes and hit the trail anyway … just watch out for the atrocious wet-weather LA drivers on the way to the trailhead.


Image by Troy Mason.

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