Based on the responses on Twitter and Facebook, it seems like a lot of people got outside this weekend to enjoy our incredible weather.

I met up with Kolby and Team WWED? at Sandstone Peak, and it was well worth the drive – the skies were clear and water was everywhere. Thankfully, my boots held up to their waterproof claims, and we were treated to a wet winter wonderland in the Santa Monica Mountains.


The views were incredible, and water was everywhere — from the cracks in the ridge below Balance Rock …


… to the usually dry creeks and the trails themselves!



We had a few clouds roll in toward the end of the hike – making me thankful I’d packed a bunch of layers with me – but the views were still unbelievable.




Here’s the full slideshow embedded below, or click to view larger images on Flickr.

And more importantly, where did you go this weekend?

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