R0012790In a move that comes as a bit of a surprise – and with speed that frankly puts other fire closures to shame – officials announced today that the vast majority of Point Mugu State Park is now re-opened for public use.

On Facebook, Ranger Kate said the Sycamore Canyon and La Jolla Campgrounds are open, “as well as all authorized, marked, and mapped trails” in the park. Some of those opened trails will be intermittently closed for repair and the entire park is closed from sunset to sunrise. If you’re hiking here, it may be wise to stop in the visitors center for an official map – some heavily traveled routes – like the trail from the Danielson Monument to the top of Boney Mountain – are NOT official trails and are still closed.

Here’s a PDF of official routes in the park:

[gview file=”https://modernhiker-storage.s3.amazonaws.com/modernhiker/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/SpringsFire_PublicLandsMap-2.pdf”]

As of today, May 24th, the Guadalasca Trail and Serrano Canyon Trails both have trees blocking some of their paths. Rangers are aware of these issues but aren’t sure when trail repair crews will be out to clear the routes.

Congrats to the staff of Point Mugu State Park for opening up their trails just a few weeks after 12,000 acres of its land were burned. I may be able to head up there this weekend for a closer view of the burn area – I’m very interested to see how much of the landscape remains and just how badly the land was burned up close.

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