Photo Friday – September 26, 2014

With the first week of fall in full swing and the first areas of California hitting peak foliage this weekend (we’ve got three trails for you in Bishop Creek Canyon, by the way), I’m hoping to see some more colorful foliage shots in Photo Friday next week … but to give everyone some time to trek up to the Sierras to see the color for themselves, this week’s Photo Friday winners are just plain great outdoor shots from all over the West!

First up is mother_n8tr‘s side-by-side comparison of San Antonio Falls near Mount Baldy in the winter and summer. At first I thought the photo on the left was in black and white but it’s actually just covered in snow!

Next up, erinmjustice reports in from the Devil’s Bridge Trail in Sedona with a little late-summer desert beauty for us. We’ll have some trails in the region for you on Modern Hiker soon!

Taylor was trekking out in Rocky Mountain National Park when he spotted this beautiful sunset in Forest Canyon.

And hallieandbug strikes again with a great shot of Zion Canyon from Angel’s Landing.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted! You’ll all be getting a discount code from our friends at Sierra Trading Post (you’ll get it at the beginning of October so you have more than a few days to use it!)